IMG_20140702_150626~2Welcome to the Shining Spirits Camp official website! Here you can find schedules, contacts, photos and exciting stuff pertaining to the camp!

Cool Creatures!


Campers had lots of fun learning about reptiles and how to take care of them as pets. A special thanks goes to Chuck from Reptilia for showing the kids all these awesome animals

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The Art in Science


Campers created abstract art by using the dish soap, milk and food colouring. Using the chemical properties of dish soap which can break down chemical bonds between fats and proteins in the milk, campers were able to create these works of art!

IMG_20140807_095707 IMG_20140807_095657IMG_20140807_095712 IMG_20140807_095701IMG_20140807_095726 IMG_20140807_095745 IMG_20140807_095747 IMG_20140807_095800 IMG_20140807_095815 IMG_20140807_095825 IMG_20140807_095836 IMG_20140807_095841 IMG_20140807_095907 IMG_20140807_095910